When I was in 7th grade, my teacher, Mrs. Roberts, received a grant to have Kinetic Affect come into our classroom to help us write spoken word poetry. Kinetic Affect was one of the best things that had ever happened to me. It inspired me to start working on poetry to get my mind off other things happening in my life. Until this day I still write poetry because of how big an impact working with Kinetic Affect had on me. It helped me get things out that I had kept bottled in for so long about school and how I really felt about my grades. I can honestly say that I really wish everyone could get the chance to work with them. I think they’d inspire so many more than me. Thank you Kinetic Affect for giving me the opportunity to work with you and thank you for inspiring me to express how I feel through my spoken word poetry.

“Back in 2012 while filming ‘The Anonymous People’ movie we got the privilege to witness Kinetic Affect open for Kristen Johnston. We were there to film her for our documentary but we left remembering how much Kinetic Affect made everyone there laugh, cry, and feel inspired. The best-kept secret from that incredible night in Traverse City, MI was discovering these two spectacular performers!”

“You guys were very inspirational. You guys made me realize that even though we all go through major struggles and obstacles in life, it’s all just temporary. Through the scars will always last, we can either let it tear us down or build us up. Thank you.”

“I hope you continue doing what you are doing – touching lives and making a huge difference; giving people hope and opening not only our eyes but most importantly our hearts more to those around us. More people need to hear your stories – you are such an inspiration! I absolutely loved your performance! Thank you again!!!”

“I had the good fortune of listening to you speak at our professional development day at Summit Academy on January 20th, 2014. Your message was so powerful and clear to me! To understand that everyone has a story – whether it be good, bad or ugly. To be more understanding of others and show compassion; to not be so quick to judge and instead to be more tolerant.

Thank you for sharing your stories and struggles with us and being so open with your lives and experience. You guys are TRULY AMAZING & INSPIRING! To hear where you came from and to see where you are today, it’s just beyond words.”

“I always looked forward to going to group and performances while I was at Lakeside. What you guys do for Lakeside really helps kids like myself while in the academy.”

“When I was a junior in high school at Kalamazoo Central, you came and spoke to my whole school. Even after four years I still remember the performance and what an impact on me it made. I take every chance I get to tell people about your work and what it did for me. Thank you for your time and thank you for everything you do.”

“If you haven’t had the pleasure, Google them. They are so amazingly talented and versatile, they will create a performance to fit to size and audience/event type. HIGHEST of recommendation from me and the rest of the Mosaic Film Experience team.”

“Best professional development message I have received in the 6 years that I have been teaching! Thank you again!”

“Your stories were beyond moving, and your poems are so inspirational. You are by far the best keynote speakers that I’ve ever heard, and now you are my favorite poets. Thank you for making my weekend 100 times better!”