Now dressed in slacks, dress shirt and tie, few would recognize the history of a violent fighter in Kirk Latimer. A past filled with aggression inside and outside the ring, led Kirk to turn his anger from his color-trunked opponents toward himself, resulting in his arrest at the age of sixteen. He continued a cycle of vengeance and retribution until his senior year of high school when five of his friends and classmates committed suicide. It took him nearly six months to cry over his loss, the first step towards changing the course of his life.

Kirk Latimer – Previously an acting coach and high school English teacher—known for his crazy and unique style—Kirk recognizes the importance and value in each of his students. Through sharing himself and his past experiences, Kirk seeks to change minds and hearts, while also challenging our outdated educational system.

Kirk’s transformation from a violent boxer to a highly awarded English Education major at Western Michigan University, enabled him to write poetry that reflected on life as an open learning experience, one in which everyone is a student and no one is without fault. His style of writing evolved from his dedication to academics, the explosive power required of a boxer, and the unique juxtaposition of a prankster loving nature. Kirk discovered a way to convert his inner turmoil and aggressiveness into a passionate and impacting learning experience. His fiery energy now fuels the learning of his students and is channeled into the creative power of his writing and dynamic performance.